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    Simple Notifier

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    A lightweight and easy to use notification library, written in modern ECMAScript.

    Demo page (interactive)

    Table of Contents

    1. Nice features
    2. Basic usage
    3. Browser support
    4. Installation
    5. Options
    6. Methods
    7. Events
    8. License

    Nice features

    • An instance allows either at most a single notification to be shown on screen, or multiple simultaneously.
    • Flexible positioning.
    • Small and lightweight.
    • Check out the options for more!

    Basic usage

    const notifier = new SimpleNotifier();
    // Wrapper element is inserted at the top of <body>.
    // <div class="simple-notifier simple-notifier--pos-y-top simple-notifier--pos-x-center">
    // </div>
    const message = "This is an example message.";
    const type = "success";, type);
    // Notification is shown for 3500 ms.

    Browser support

    The distributables are compiled with the following browserslist:

    "since 2019-01 and > 0.5%",
    "last 2 versions and not dead",
    "Firefox ESR",
    "not Explorer >= 0",
    "not OperaMini all"


    Usage with a module bundler

    // Install package from npm
    npm install @codebundlesbyvik/simple-notifier`

    // Import the module
    import SimpleNotifier from "@codebundlesbyvik/simple-notifier";

    // Import the stylesheet
    @import "@codebundlesbyvik/simple-notifier";
    // Will import the Sass file if your project utilizes Sass, should automatically import the compiled CSS file otherwise.

    Usage as a standalone package

    Via CDN (jsdelivr)

    <!-- Import the UMD bundle -->
    <script src="" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

    <!-- Link to the stylesheet -->
    <link href="" rel="stylesheet" crossorigin="anonymous">


    Download the latest release from the GitHub releases page.

    <!-- Import the UMD bundle -->
    <script src="./dist/js/simple-notifier.bundle.min.js"></script>

    // Link to the stylesheet in HTML ...
    <link href="./dist/simple-notifier.min.css" rel="stylesheet">
    // ... or import it in your main CSS file.
    @import "./dist/simple-notifier.min.css";



    Options should be passed in as an object on instance creation.

    Parameter Type Default Description
    autoHide Number / Boolean 3500 Time in milliseconds after which .hide() will be automatically called. true defaults to 3500, set to false or 0 to make the notification(s) sticky.
    onlyOneNotification Boolean true Whether the instance is allowed to show multiple notifications on screen simultaneously or not.
    parentEl Element document.body Instance's parent element.
    position String top center On-page position of the wrapper element. Accepted value is a combination of top or bottom and left, center or right.
    animations String / Boolean "auto" Animation preference. "auto" checks user's device motion preference on each action.


    Colors can be customized using Sass variables.

    Variable name Type Description
    $notifier-types Map Notification types.
    $notifier-font-size Dimension Base font-size. Internal sizing is done relative to this value. Default is 1rem.
    $notifier-color-opacity Number Opacity applied to the defined colors. Default is 0.9.
    $notifier-colors Map Available colors.
    $notifier-text-colors Map Text color to use with given notification type.
    $notifier-bg-colors Map Background color to use with given notification type.



    Initialize a SimpleNotifier instance.


    Destroy a SimpleNotifier instance.

    .show(text, type)

    Show a notification.


    Parameter Type Default Description
    text String Some dummy text. Text to show.
    type String "dummy" if text is undefined, else "default" Element's parent. Will be added as class (BEM modifier) to the wrapper element.


    Hide a currently shown notification.

    If onlyOneNotification is set to true, passing in a notificationId is not required.

    If onlyOneNotification is set to false, passing in a notificationId will hide that specific notification. Not passing in any notificationId will hide all currently shown notifications.


    Event Fired when ...
    notificationShown The process of showing a notification has fully completed.
    notificationDestroyed The process of destroying a notification has fully completed.
    allNotificationsDestroyed The last visible notification has been destroyed.


    Mozilla Public License 2.0 © Viktor Chin-Kon-Sung


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