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    A smaller customized version of @babel/standalone.

    The official @babel/standalone has grown very large in recent releases, at almost 6 MB minified. For use cases like param.macro's online playground where only a subset of transforms is needed, that size isn't ideal. @citycide/babel-standalone is reduced to about 1.73 MB minified.

    This project is based on the effort by @joncasey on my-babel-standalone.


    You can use the minified source directly on a page using unpkg:

    <script src="https://unpkg.com/@citycide/babel-standalone"></script>

    or by installing locally (i.e. for bundling):

    # using yarn
    yarn add @citycide/babel-standalone
    # using npm
    npm i @citycide/babel-standalone


    1. Clone the repo: git clone https://github.com/citycide/babel-standalone.git
    2. Move into the new directory: cd babel-standalone
    3. Install dependencies: yarn or npm install
    4. Build from source: yarn build or npm run build

    Any plugins needed in the final bundle should be added as dependencies, where the update script will pull them from automatically. This update script is run before every build or can be manually run with yarn update or npm run update.

    The version of the package itself is tied to the version of @babel/preset-env used, so both can and should be updated by editing only the @babel/preset-env version in package.json. Running yarn update will then fetch the new version and make this package's version match it.

    see also


    MIT © Bo Lingen / citycide

    Based on code also under MIT © @joncasey


    npm i @citycide/babel-standalone

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