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Write consistency JavaScript without losing your brain



npm install @chtijs/eslint-config --save-dev


In your .eslintrc:

  "extends": "@chtijs"


Extends the default eslint config, parses with Babel, and adds the import plugin. Includes these hot rules:

  • Two spaces for indentation.
  • Single quotes.
  • More rigit JSDoc enforcement.
  • Allow functions to be defined after they're first referenced. (Yay hoisting!)
  • if/else go on separate lines.
  • Consistent return values optional.
  • Prefer const, then let, but never var.
  • Capitalize the first word in a comment.
  • Put spaces around inline objects.
  • Always use === and !==.
  • Class methods must use this (otherwise they can be static).

Local Development

git clone
cd eslint-config


MIT © Hacked from Geoff Kimball