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    Carbon Charting React Wrappers

    Storybook demos

    Storybook demo sources

    Getting started

    Run the following command using npm:

    npm install -S @carbon/charts @carbon/charts-react d3

    If you prefer Yarn, use the following command instead:

    yarn add @carbon/charts @carbon/charts-react d3

    Note: you'd also need to install carbon-components if you're not using a bundled version of the library.

    Step-by-step instructions

    Read here

    Codesandbox examples

    Sample use cases can be seen here.

    When opening the link above, click on the Edit on Codesandbox button for each demo to see an isolated project showing you how to reproduce the demo.

    Charting data & options

    Although we will definitely introduce new models in the future as we start shipping new components such as maps, Data and options follow the same model in all charts, with minor exceptions and differences in specific components.

    For instance in the case of a donut chart you're able to pass in an additional field called center in your options configuring the donut center.

    For instructions on using the tabular data format, see here

    There are also additional options available depending on the chart type being used, see our demo examples here.

    Customizable options (specific to chart type) can be found here


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