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The Event-Queue is a framework built on top of CAP Node.js, designed specifically for efficient and streamlined asynchronous event processing. With a focus on load balancing, this package ensures optimal event distribution across all available application instances. By providing managed transactions similar to CAP handlers, the Event-Queue framework simplifies event processing, enhancing the overall performance of your application.

Additionally, Event-Queue provides support for periodic events, allowing for processing at defined intervals. This feature further extends its capabilities in load balancing and transaction management, ensuring that even regularly occurring tasks are handled efficiently and effectively without overloading any single instance. This makes it an ideal solution for applications needing consistent, reliable event processing.

Getting Started

Dive right in and check out the getting started documentation.


Learn more about features in the documentation. To compare the event-queue with other SAP products head over to Distinction from other solutions.

  • load balancing and concurrency control of event processing across app instances
  • periodic events similar to running cron jobs for business processes
  • managed transactions for event processing
  • async processing of processing intensive tasks for better UI responsiveness
  • push/pull mechanism for reducing delay between publish an event and processing
  • cluster published events during processing (e.g. for combining multiple E-Mail events to one E-Mail)
  • plug and play via cds-plugin


Head over to our Documentation to learn more.

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