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Webpack configuration for Angular 2/4 apps.


What is this repo?

Webpack configuration for Angular 2/4 apps based on angular-cli, AngularClass's angular2-webpack-starter and aspnetcore-angular2-universal.
This configuration is utilized for:

  • Server-side rendering (see Angular Universal)
  • HMR - Hot Module Reloading/Replacement (see Angular Universal)
  • Development builds (JIT/AoT)
  • Production builds (JIT/AoT)
  • Optimizing webpack build times and improving caching with DLL bundles
  • Favicons generation with using realfavicongenerator

How to Install

npm install --save-dev @bizappframework/angular-build  ts-node cross-env

How to use

  • Add a new angular-build.json file to your project root directory and configure your app build. The following example is minimal configuration.
  "apps": [
      "root": "src", // Replace with your app source directory.
      "outDir": "wwwroot/dist", // Bundle output directory.
      "publicPath": "/dist/", // Webpack dev middleware, if enabled, handles requests for this URL prefix
      "main": "main.ts", // Replace with your angular main bootstrap file.
      "index": "index.html", // Replace with your index template file.
      "tsconfig": "tsconfig.json" // Replace with yourtsconfig.json relative to app src "root".
  • Add a new webpack.config.ts file to your project root directory and add the following code.
import {getWebpackConfigs} from '@bizappframework/angular-build';
const configs = getWebpackConfigs(__dirname);
module.exports = configs;
  • (Optional) add npm scripts to package.json file.
  "scripts": {
    "tsc:webpack.config.ts": "tsc webpack.config.ts -t es6 -m commonjs --moduleResolution node --watch --pretty --sourceMap",
    "build:dll": "cross-env NODE_ENV=development webpack --profile --colors --bail",
    "build:dev": "cross-env NODE_ENV=development webpack --profile --colors --bail",
    "build:prod": "cross-env NODE_ENV=production webpack  --profile --colors --bail",
    "build:aot": "cross-env NODE_ENV=production webpack --profile --colors --bail",
    "build": "npm run build:dev",
    "cross-env": "cross-env"
  • (Optional) compile webpack.config.ts, run the following command.
npm run-script tsc:webpack.config.ts