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What is this?

Build system for Angular app and library projects similar to angular-cli with some customization:

  • Build support for both library projects (internally with rollup) and app projects (internally with webpack)
  • DLL bundling support for optimizing build time, see DllPlugin, DllReferencePlugin
  • Multi-platform favicons generation (online/offline)- integration with realfavicongenerator and evilebottnawi/favicons
  • Can inject bundled scripts, links, favicons, resource hints, etc into separate files or ASP.Net Core MVC partial views
  • Support custom webpack config to merge with built-in configs
  • Can build with webpack cli directly


Make sure you have Node version >= 6.9 and npm >= 3.

Table of Contents


BEFORE YOU INSTALL: please read the prerequisites

npm install -g @bizappframework/angular-build

How to build

  1. Add a new angular-build.json config file in your project root.
  2. Specify srcDir, outDir, entry etc.
  3. Type ngb build at command line.
  4. More information, see Wiki.


MIT License