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React Native Face AR SDK is a version of Banuba Face AR SDK. It is intended to provide a suite of augmented reality features applicable on photos and live video feed (live streaming, video conferencing, etc.). The package includes:

  • Face and hand tracking
  • 3D face filters
  • Virtual try-on of jewelry, cosmetics, headwear, glasses, contacts, and more
  • Color filters (LUTs)
  • Face touch-up
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Screen recording, take screenshot
  • etc.



Before you commit to a license, you are free to test all the features of the SDK for free. To start it, send us a message.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Getting Started

  1. Clone the repository, ensure that you have setted up React Native CLI development environment.
  2. Copy and Paste your Client Token into appropriate section of example/src/App.tsx.
  3. Run yarn command. This will install all required dependences.
  4. (iOS only) Go to example/ios directory and run pod install. Return back to root. This will install all required iOS dependencies.
  5. Connect a device and run yarn example ios or yarn example android. Alternatively you may may open XCode or Android Studio projects from example/ios and example/android directories.

You may also use npm to run the sample. See example/README.md.

Integration steps

This is how to integrate Banuba SDK into existing React Native app. You still need a Client Token for this.

  1. Add @banuba/react-native dependency: yarn add @banuba/react-native.
  2. For iOS: add a link to the native Banuba SDK into ios/Podfile: source 'https://github.com/sdk-banuba/banuba-sdk-podspecs.git'. For Android: add our maven repository.
  3. Add code from example/src/App.tsx into your app.
  4. Add effects folder into your project. Link it with your app
    1. iOS: just link effects folder into XCode project (File -> Add Files to ...).
    2. Android: add the following code into app build.gradle.
  5. For iOS: add NSCameraUsageDescription.


Refer this file about availabl API. You can find more info about Banuba Face AR SDK here.

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