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This library is part of the Aurelia platform and extends it by adding a higher level set of user experience-oriented features such as scoped styles, theming, components and UX patterns.

To keep up to date on Aurelia, please visit and subscribe to the official blog and our email list. We also invite you to follow us on twitter. If you have questions look around our Discourse forums, chat in our community on Gitter or use stack overflow. Documentation can be found in our developer hub. If you would like to have deeper insight into our development process, please install the ZenHub Chrome or Firefox Extension and visit any of our repository's boards.


Check out the showcase application for demos and documentation. If you are interested in contributing, have a read through our wiki.


Before The First Build

npm install installs dependencies for the base Aurelia UX project npm run build at the base project to build Aurelia UX

lerna bootstrap: sets up a symlink between all of the packages in the monorepo lerna run build: builds all of the mono repo projects.

Note: lerna run build is very CPU intensive and takes a small period of time on most machines. If you are working within a single component, you might try npm run build instead at the component level.


npm run test


npm run develop