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Get Started!

# Run in docker
docker run -d -p 80:7200 artgenio/core:latest

# Run with node
npx @artgenio/core

then visit the http://localhost:7200 address for the demo

Project Status

Currently the project in the beta phase, we are in feature freeze and preparing for the 1.0.0 by fixing every bug, streamlining the UX and implementing the common usecases.

Database Support

Not just one, or two, but 4 database provider is supported out of the box. By default the system starts up with an in memory SQLite database, but this is only good for previewing the system capabilities. But, of course You can use and should use persistent databases, simply configure the ARTGEN_DATABASE_DSN environment variable to your target database's DSN.

On boot the system will check if the system database has the necessary tables in place, if not then simply installs them, You have no work with the setup.

Provider DSN Pattern Tested
MySQL mysql://username:password@host.tld:3306/dbname 8.x
MariaDB mariadb://username:password@host.tld:3306/dbname 10.x
PostgreSQL postgres://username:password@host.tld:5432/dbname 14.x
SQLite (InMemory) sqlite::memory: 3.x
SQLite (Persistent) sqlite:./path/to/db.sql 3.x

It is prefered to run the Artgen's system database in a standalone database, but don't worry, it will not modify any other table just those which You configure to do so.

Import Existing Database

This feature is still in heavy development, but the system is capable of mapping and importing existing databases, by default it will tag them as "readonly" in the sense that it will not modify their structure. But You can remove this tag and change the existing databases as well. It's useful if You want to control your existing system with a versatile user interface.

Feature Index

  • One Click Install Cloud Blueprints
  • Visual Data Modeller
  • Visual Flow Engine
  • Drag and Drop UI Editor
  • Rest API Generator
  • OData API Generator
  • Built In Customizable User Management
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • CRON Scheduled Flows
  • GraphQL API generator (coming soon)
  • Chart / Analytics builder (under development)


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