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@appnest/focus-trap has moved to @a11y/focus-trap. Please uninstall this package and install @a11y/focus-trap instead.

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A lightweight web component to trap focus within a DOM node A focus trap ensures that tab and shift + tab keys will cycle through the focus trap's tabbable elements but not leave the focus trap. This is great for making accessible modals. Go here to see a demo

  • Does one things very very well - it traps the focus!
  • Pierces through the shadow roots when looking for focusable elements.
  • Works right out of the box (just add it to your markup)
  • Created using only vanilla js - no dependencies and framework agnostic!


➤ Installation

npm i @appnest/focus-trap


➤ Usage

Import @appnest/focus-trap somewhere in your code and you're ready to go! Simply add the focus trap to your html and it'll be working without any more effort from your part.

  <button>Focus 1</button>
  <button>Focus 2</button>
  <button>Focus 3</button>
  <button>Focus 4</button>
  <button>Focus 5</button>



The focus-trap element implements the following interface.

interface IFocusTrap {
  // Returns whether or not the focus trap is inactive.
  inactive: boolean;

  // Returns whether the focus trap currently has focus.
  readonly focused: boolean;

  // Focuses the first focusable element in the focus trap.
  focusFirstElement: (() => void);

  // Focuses the last focusable element in the focus trap.
  focusLastElement: (() => void);

  // Returns a list of the focusable children found within the element.
  getFocusableElements: (() => HTMLElement[]);


➤ License

Licensed under MIT.

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