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    Apollo Client

    Apollo Client

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    Apollo Client is a fully-featured caching GraphQL client with integrations for React, Angular, and more. It allows you to easily build UI components that fetch data via GraphQL.


    All Apollo Client documentation, including React integration articles and helpful recipes, can be found at:

    The Apollo Client API reference can be found at:

    Learn how to use Apollo Client with self-paced hands-on training on Odyssey, Apollo's official learning platform:


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    Ben Newman @benjamn
    Alessia Bellisario @alessbell
    Jeff Auriemma @bignimbus
    Hugh Willson @hwillson
    Jerel Miller @jerelmiller
    Lenz Weber-Tronic @phryneas

    Who is Apollo?

    Apollo builds open-source software and a graph platform to unify GraphQL across your apps and services. We help you ship faster with:

    • Apollo Studio – A free, end-to-end platform for managing your GraphQL lifecycle. Track your GraphQL schemas in a hosted registry to create a source of truth for everything in your graph. Studio provides an IDE (Apollo Explorer) so you can explore data, collaborate on queries, observe usage, and safely make schema changes.
    • Apollo Federation – The industry-standard open architecture for building a distributed graph. Use Apollo’s gateway to compose a unified graph from multiple subgraphs, determine a query plan, and route requests across your services.
    • Apollo Client – The most popular GraphQL client for the web. Apollo also builds and maintains Apollo iOS and Apollo Android.
    • Apollo Server – A production-ready JavaScript GraphQL server that connects to any microservice, API, or database. Compatible with all popular JavaScript frameworks and deployable in serverless environments.

    Learn how to build with Apollo

    Check out the Odyssey learning platform, the perfect place to start your GraphQL journey with videos and interactive code challenges. Join the Apollo Community to interact with and get technical help from the GraphQL community.


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