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🍹 Moon mixins for cosmic components 👩‍🚀

A set of class mixin functions that add Apollo GraphQL goodness to your web component classes.

📓 Contents

🔧 Installation

Apollo element mixins are distributed through npm, the node package manager. To install a copy of the latest version in your project's node_modules directory, install npm on your system then run the following command in your project's root directory:

npm install --save @apollo-elements/mixins

Here's an example that uses HTMLElement

import { ApolloQueryMixin } from '@apollo-elements/mixins/apollo-query-mixin.js';
class VanillaQuery extends ApolloQueryMixin(HTMLElement) {
  get data() {
    return this.__data;
  set data(data) {
    this.__data = data;
    this.shadowRoot.innerText = `${data.helloWorld.greeting}${}`;

Aren't Mixins Considered Harmful?

Different kind of mixin. These are JS class mixins.

😎 Cool Tricks

📜 Inline Query Scripts

You can also provide a graphql query string in your markup by appending a graphql script element to your connected element, like so:

  <script type="application/graphql">
    query {
      helloWorld {

👷‍♂️ Maintainers

apollo-elements is a community project maintained by Benny Powers.

Contact me on Codementor


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