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Flex Layout

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Angular Flex Layout provides a sophisticated layout API using FlexBox CSS + mediaQuery. This module provides Angular (v4.x and higher) developers with component layout features using a custom Layout API, mediaQuery observables,and DOM flexbox-2016 css.

The Layout engine intelligently automates the process of applying appropriate FlexBox CSS to browser view hierarchies. This automation also addresses many of the complexities and workarounds encountered with the traditional, manual, CSS-only application of Flexbox CSS.

Responsive API

The real power of Flex Layout, however, is its responsive engine.

The Responsive API enables developers to easily specify different layouts, sizing, visibilities for different viewport sizes and display devices.

Deprecated support

Beta.9 provides support for Angular 4.x, AOT, Universal builds. This also means that Beta.9 (or higher) will not support Angular 2.x.


Please consult our CHANGELOG for latest changes and new features.

Why choose Flex-Layout

While other Flexbox CSS libraries are implementations of:

  • pure CSS-only implementations, or
  • the JS+CSS Stylesheets implementation of Angular Material v1.x Layouts.

Angular Flex Layout - in contrast - is a pure-Typescript UI Layout engine with an implementation that:

  • uses HTML attributes (aka Layout API) to specify the layout configurations
  • is currently only available for Angular (v4.1 or higher) Applications.
  • is independent of Angular Material (v1 or v2).
  • requires no external stylesheets.
  • requires Angular v4.1 or higher.

Browser Support

NPM Installs

Playing with the nightly changes in master is also possible

npm install

Or you can easily install the latest release from NPM using:

npm install @angular/flex-layout@latest --save

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License: MIT

The sources for this package are in the Flex-Layout repository.
Please file issues and pull requests against that repo.