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    The easiest way to lazy-load Angular Elements or any other web components in your Angular application!

    by @tomastrajan

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    1. Install npm i @angular-extensions/elements
    2. Add import { LazyElementsModule } from '@angular-extensions/elements';
    3. Append LazyElementsModule to the imports: [] of your AppModule
    4. Add new schemas: [] property with CUSTOM_ELEMENTS_SCHEMA value to @NgModule decorator of your AppModule
    5. Use *axLazyElement directive on an element you wish to load and pass in the url of the element bundle

    Example of module implementation...

    import { NgModule, CUSTOM_ELEMENTS_SCHEMA } from '@angular/core';
    import { BrowserModule } from '@angular/platform-browser';
    import { LazyElementsModule } from '@angular-extensions/elements';
      schemas: [CUSTOM_ELEMENTS_SCHEMA],
      imports: [BrowserModule, LazyElementsModule],
      declarations: [AppComponent, FeatureComponent],
      bootstrap: [AppComponent],
    export class AppModule {}

    Example of component implementation

    import { Component } from '@angular/core';
      selector: 'your-org-feature',
      template: `
        <!-- will be lazy loaded and uses standard Angular template bindings -->
    export class FeatureComponent {
      elementUrl = '';
      data: SomeData;
      handleChange(change: Partial<SomeData>) {
        // ...

    Supported Angular versions

    Library was tested with the following versions of Angular and is meant to be used with the corresponding major version ("@angular/core"": "^9.0.0" with "@angular-extensions/elements": "^9.0.0" ).

    • 9.x (full IVY support, using renderers so careful with SSR)
    • 8.x (partial IVY support, axLazyElement works but axLazyElementDynamic does NOT work with IVY)
    • 7.x
    • 6.x (eg npm i @angular-extensions/elements@^6.0.0)

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