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Amplify Util Blog

Amplify Util Blog is a utility plugin for the Amplify CLI that helps you add blog functionality to your Amplify project. It provides commands to add and remove blog related resources, and it also updates your GraphQL schema, parameters, transformer configuration, and UI elements to support blog features.


  • Adds Post and Tag models to your GraphQL schema.
  • Adds blog related UI components to your project.
  • Updates parameters configuration with Typesense related parameters to enable search.
  • Updates transformer configuration to include amplify-graphql-typesense-transformer to enable search.
  • Supports only JavaScript/TypeScript React projects.


  • version: Displays the version of the plugin.
  • help: Provides help information for the plugin.
  • add: Adds blog related resources to your project.
  • remove: Removes blog related resources from your project.


To use this plugin, you need to install it globally:

npm install -g @amplifiers/amplify-util-blog

The plugin uses typesense transformer for search, and ui supports markdown for blog content and rest of the components are amplify-ui, so we will also need to install the following:

npm install -s amplify-graphql-typesense-transformer @aws-amplify/ui-react @aws-amplify/ui-react-storage aws-amplify react-markdown remark-gfm remark-footnotes react-syntax-highlighter @uiw/react-md-editor@v3.6.0
npm install --save-dev @types/react-syntax-highlighter

Then, you can use the amplify plugin add command to add it to your Amplify CLI:

amplify plugin add /usr/local/lib/node_modules/@amplifiers/amplify-util-blog

Follow the prompts to add the amplify-util-blog plugin.

Remember to update the typesense api key and endpoint in your parameters.json if you plan to use search.

NextJS Support for react-md-editor

npm install next-remove-imports
npm install @uiw/react-md-editor@v3.6.0
// next.config.js
const removeImports = require('next-remove-imports')();
module.exports = removeImports({});

Load the forms (NewPostLayout, UpdatePostLayout) using the dynamic function from next/dynamic:

import dynamic from "next/dynamic";

const NewPostLayout = dynamic(
  () => import("../../ui-components/blog/NewPostLayout"),
    ssr: false,


To add blog functionality to your project, run:

amplify amplify-util-blog add

To remove blog functionality from your project, run:

amplify amplify-util-blog remove


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