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    One App Router keeps your UI in sync with the URL. It has a simple API with powerful features like lazy code loading, dynamic route matching, and location transition handling built right in. Make the URL your first thought, not an after-thought.

    One App Router was forked from react-router@3 and is being uplifted to work with react@17.

    The reason for forking react-router@3, rather than switching to a different router or upgrading to a newer version, is due to the coupling of react-router@3's API with One App, Holocron and existing One App modules.

    We want to ensure that One App will be compatible with react@17, in its current state react-router@3 relies on React's legacy context API, which will be removed in react@17, as well as legacy UNSAFE lifecycle methods.

    Updating to the new context API would be considered a breaking change as react-router would no longer be compatible with older versions of react@<16.3.0. The react-router project has already moved to v5 therefore it is not possible to make any breaking changes to react-router@3.

    We will evaluate moving to react-router@6 if it matches our use case in the future.

    This is not meant to be a generic standalone Routing library but one which will be tailored for use with the One ecosystem.

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    📖 Table of Contents


    • Keeps your UI in sync with the URL
    • Lazy code loading
    • Dynamic route matching
    • Location transition handling

    🤹‍ Usage


    $ npm install @americanexpress/one-app-router

    Then with a module bundler like webpack that supports either CommonJS or ES2015 modules, use as you would anything else:

    // using an ES6 transpiler, like babel
    import { Router, Route, Link } from '@americanexpress/one-app-router'
    // not using an ES6 transpiler
    var Router = require('@americanexpress/one-app-router').Router
    var Route = require('@americanexpress/one-app-router').Route
    var Link = require('@americanexpress/one-app-router').Link

    See it in action

    import React from 'react';
    import { render } from 'react-dom';
    import { Router, Route, Link, browserHistory } from '@americanexpress/one-app-router';
    function App() {/*...*/}
    function About() {/*...*/}
    function NoMatch() {/*...*/}
    async function getUsersFragment() {/*...*/}
    async function findUserById() {/*...*/}
    function Users({ children }) {
      const [users, setUsers] = React.useState([]);
      React.useEffect(() => {
      }, []);
      return (
          <div className="overview">
              {/* use Link to route around the app */}
              { => (
                <li key={}>
                  <Link to={`/user/${}`}>{}</Link>
          <div className="detail">
    function User({ params }) {
      const [user, setUser] = React.useState(null);
      React.useEffect(() => {
      }, []);
      return user && (
          {/* etc. */}
    // Declarative route configuration (could also load this config lazily
    // instead, all you really need is a single root route, you don't need to
    // colocate the entire config).
      <Router history={browserHistory}>
        <Route path="/" component={App}>
          <Route path="about" component={About}/>
          <Route path="users" component={Users}>
            <Route path="/user/:userId" component={User}/>
          <Route path="*" component={NoMatch}/>
    ), document.getElementById('root'))

    See more in the Introduction, Guides, and Examples.

    🏆 Contributing

    We welcome Your interest in the American Express Open Source Community on Github. Any Contributor to any Open Source Project managed by the American Express Open Source Community must accept and sign an Agreement indicating agreement to the terms below. Except for the rights granted in this Agreement to American Express and to recipients of software distributed by American Express, You reserve all right, title, and interest, if any, in and to Your Contributions. Please fill out the Agreement.

    Please feel free to open pull requests and see to learn how to get started contributing.

    🗝️ License

    Any contributions made under this project will be governed by the Apache 2.0 License.

    🗣️ Code of Conduct

    This project adheres to the American Express Community Guidelines. By participating, you are expected to honor these guidelines.


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