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Alan AI: Conversational AI SDK for Web

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Quickly create AI assistants and AI chats with the Alan AI Platform. Enable human-like conversations and perform actions in any app through voice and text commands.

Actionable AI Platform

Alan AI is an Actionable AI Platform that lets you create a voice AI assistant and voice/text AI chat for your app. It offers all necessary tools to design, embed and host conversational experiences:

Alan AI Studio

A powerful web-based IDE where you can write, test and debug dialog scenarios for your AI assistant or AI chat.

Alan AI SDKs

Alan AI's lightweight SDKs to quickly embed an AI assistant or AI chat to your app.

Alan AI Cloud

Alan AI's backend powered by the industry’s best Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Speech Synthesis. Alan AI provisions and handles the infrastructure required to maintain your conversational experiences and perform all the data processing tasks.

To get more details on how Alan AI works, see Alan AI Platform.

Why Alan AI?

  • No or minimum changes to your UI: To create a conversational experience, you only need to get the Alan AI SDK and drop it to your app.
  • Serverless environment: No need to plan for, deploy and maintain any infrastructure or speech components - the Alan AI Platform does the bulk of the work.
  • On-the-fly updates: All changes to the dialogs become available immediately.
  • Dialog flow testing and analytics: Alan AI Studio provides advanced tools for testing your dialog flows and getting the conversational analytics data on users' interactions, all in the same console.

How to start

To create an AI assistant or AI chat for your web app or page:

  1. Sign up for Alan AI Studio to build dialog scripts in JavaScript and test them.

  2. Use the Alan AI SDK for Web to embed an AI assistant or chat to your app or page. For details, see Alan AI documentation for the necessary framework:

Check out our demo.


Voice assistant examples

In the Examples folder, you can find example web apps created with:

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • Ember
  • Electron

To launch the app, follow the instructions in the README file inside the example app folder. Then press the Alan AI button and try interacting with Alan AI.

Web chat example

In the Website chat demo repository, you can find an example project demonstrating how to quickly add a voice and text AI chat to your web page, website or web app.

Check out the live web chat demo here: https://alan-ai.github.io/website-chat-demo/.

Other platforms

You may also want to try Alan AI SDKs for the following platforms:

Have questions?

If you have any questions or something is missing in the documentation:

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