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    KV Utility


    A KV storage solution for Cloudflare Workers and Stackpath Serverless Scripting, that uses S3 providers as vendors, like AWS, Wasabi. Optionally you can encrypt your values at rest.

    🔨 Install with yarn or npm

    yarn add @adaptivelink/kv
    npm i @adaptivelink/kv

    ⚙️ Environment Variables

    You need to configured the variables (Environment or Global) with your vendor data.

    • KV_S3_BUCKET
    • KV_NAMESPACE_PASSPHRASE 🔒 (optional)

    🔒 Should be stored as environment encrypted variable, avoid global variable.

    🔓 Basic Usage in Cloudflare & Stackpath

    import KV from "@adaptivelink/kv";
    const NAMESPACE = new KV("namespace");
    const handleRequest = async (event) => {
      const keyValue = await NAMESPACE.get("key");
      event.waitUntil(await NAMESPACE.put("hello", "world"));

    🔐 Usage with Encrypted Values

    const NAMESPACE = new KV("namespace", {
      passphrase: KV_NAMESPACE_PASSPHRASE,

    🔩 Methods

    Writing Key-value pair

    await NAMESPACE.put(key, value)

    Reading Key-value pair

    await NAMESPACE.get(key)

    Deleting Key-value pair

    await NAMESPACE.get(key)

    🌐 Tested Vendors

    Vendor Data Consistency
    AWS S3 strong read-after-write
    Wasabi subsecond read-after-write consistency

    ⚠️ Security Disclaimer

    This software offers no guarantees, we strongly advise that you audit the code.

    When using encrypted KV option, only the values are encrypted with AES-GCM algorithm. That data is stored at the vendor encrypted, but encrypted/decrypted by the ⚙️ Worker script, meaning that the Isolate will have full access to the values. It would help if you referred to your serverless provider's terms to analyse their scope of access.

    🥰 Contribution

    Feel free to contribute with more features, documentation, and test with more vendors. Send your feedback.


    npm i @adaptivelink/kv

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