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    ngx-template npm version

    Scaffold the code base of an angular reusable module, component or service.


    1. A recommended way to install @4geit/ngx-template is through git repository using the following command:
    git clone git@gitlab.com:4geit/angular/ngx-template.git

    alternatively you can use the HTTPS URL:

    git clone https://gitlab.com/4geit/angular/ngx-template.git
    1. ngx-template requires you to set those environment variables:
    • ANGULAR_NAMESPACE_ID: the namespace id of the group/subgroup where you want the new project to be created (e.g. if you have the right two create a new project with the subgroup 4geit/angular, you can set it's namespace ID 1693681)
    • GITLAB_PRIVATE_TOKEN: a gitlab token allowed to create an account in the namespace ID (4geit/angular)
    • GITLAB_AUTH_TOKEN: a gitlab token allowed to release tags on the created project
    • NPM_TOKEN: a npm token allowed to publish a package in the @4geit organization
    • RUNNER_ID: the runner id that will run the CI build.

    If you are a BASH user, you can add those variables in your ~/.bashrc file:

    export ANGULAR_NAMESPACE_ID=1693681
    export NPM_TOKEN=XXXX
    export RUNNER_ID=XXXX

    Create a new repository

    1. The easiest way to generate a new repository with ngx-template is to use the following command line:

    The command will ask a set of values such as:

    • <NAME>: the name of the repository the one used in ngx-<NAME>-<TYPE>
    • <TYPE>: the type of the repository the one used in ngx-<NAME>-<TYPE> it can contain the value module, component or service
    • <AUTHOR_NAME>: the name of the author stored in the package.json
    • <AUTHOR_EMAIL>: the name of the author stored in the package.json
    • <DESCRIPTION>: the description of the project stored in the package.json and README.md
    1. But you can also use the command argument by doing so:
    ./ngx-template/create-new-repo.sh <NAME> <TYPE> <AUTHOR_NAME> <AUTHOR_EMAIL>

    You will still be asked to type the description though.

    1. You can also skip typing the author name and email each time by setting those environment variables:
    export AUTHOR_NAME="Master Peace"
    export AUTHOR_EMAIL="master.peace@provider.xyz"


    npm i @4geit/ngx-template

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