• Build powerful React Native and React web apps that scale from hundreds to tens of thousands of records and remain fast

    published 0.27.1 a month ago
  • <a href=""> <img src="" alt="MIT License"> </a>

    published 1.6.0 6 months ago
  • Zero Abstraction Cost Styling (for React DOM and React Native)

    published 2.1.1 3 months ago
  • Fork of SQLite database - you're probably looking for WatermelonDB, not this

    published 3.40.1 10 months ago
  • Nozbe's fork of LokiJS, optimized for WatermelonDB

    published 1.5.12-wmelon6 2 years ago
  • Official Nozbe Teams API wrapper for Node.js

    published 0.1.0 3 years ago
  • Binary wrapper for Flow - A static type checker for JavaScript

    published 0.146.0 3 years ago
  • NPM-released fork of simdjson C++ library

    published 3.1.0-wmelon1 10 months ago
  • (Nozbe's fork of) More powerful alternative to Animated library for React Native.

    published 2.3.0-beta.3-nozbe2 2 years ago
  • A collection of helpful ESLint rules created and used by Nozbe

    published 1.4.1 7 months ago
  • A tiny, simple, fast fuzzy search library

    published 1.0.0 4 months ago
  • Handles the communication between two ends of the periscope

    published 1.1.0-alpha.0 16 days ago