16 Packages by thealphanerd

  • anoint bless your dependencies, git them life
  • breakfast-machine automate your scripts with a soundtrack
  • chronodep list all dependencies of a project in chronological order
  • common-ground Common-ground can convert files using a Simplified CommonJS Wrapper to vanilla CommonJS lickity Split using Esprima and Escodegen
  • famous is a JavaScript framework for everyone who wants to build beautiful experiences on any device.
  • famous-dist-generato... Build various dist versions of famous/famous. RequireJS, CommonJS, or standalone window.famous object
  • famous-doc-generator Documentation generator.
  • famous-examples-gene... Generate Templates for Famous Examples
  • famous-git-cache Module for git cloning repos to a cache folder on disk and managing that cache
  • famous-metrics Metrics collection for Famous Tools
  • famous-polyfills polyfills to be used with the famous library
  • famousify ignore the src directory on upstream famous code
  • generator-famous Create new projects
  • index-finger create indexes for your modules
  • node-osc pyOSC inspired library
  • provify Transform your tape tests to prova

6 Packages starred by thealphanerd

  • async Higher-order functions and common patterns for asynchronous code
  • hyperglue update html elements by mapping query selectors to attributes, text, and hypertext
  • lodash The modern build of lodash modular utilities.
  • lysergix MAKE FACES ((((((O))))))((((((O))))))))
  • minimist parse argument options
  • whatever the premier task runner for node point javascript