8 Packages by ngoldman

  • bbox2extent Transform a GeoJSON bounding box into an Esri-formatted extent object.
  • changelog-parser Change log parser for node.
  • esri-extent Get the Esri-formatted extent of a GeoJSON feature collection.
  • gfm.css Styles for github flavored markdown.
  • gh-release Create a release for a node package on github.
  • magnet-link Get a magnet link from a torrent file.
  • style.css One style is all that is needed.
  • top-bar.css A top bar navigation pattern.

14 Packages starred by ngoldman

  • 256colors A port of a style 256 ansi color swatch for your modern terminal.
  • dat real-time replication and versioning for data sets (tabular and blobs)
  • data-plumber a nodeschool workshop for learning how to work with data
  • geoservices Javascript Bindings for Geoservices
  • jsonfilter Streaming JSON filtering on the command line
  • jsonmap streaming command line newline-delimited json transformer utility
  • level-geospatial Geospatial indexing for leveldb
  • meatspace Decentralized micro[b]logging
  • node-repl run a node program but also attach a repl to the same context that your code runs in so you can inspect + mess with stuff as your program is running
  • osx-audio Access to Mac OS X Audio I/O as streams. Only input is supported so far.
  • shp Convert shapefiles into geoJson without ogr2ogr/GDAL
  • terraformer A Geo-toolkit built in Javascript.
  • unzip Unzip cross-platform streaming API compatible with fstream and fs.ReadStream
  • websocket-stream Use websockets with the node streams API. Works in browser and node