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  • docpad DocPad is a dynamic static site generator. Write your content as files, or import your content from other external sources. Render the content with plugins. And deploy your static or dynamic website to your favourite hosting provider.
  • docxtemplater .docx generator working with templates and data (like Mustache)
  • fire-ts A template engine for generating code (c,c++,js,java,html,ruby,etc)
  • node-livedocx Generate PDF and Word documents from template, using node.js and the livedocx webservice
  • officegen-2 Office Open XML Generator using Node.js streams. Supporting Microsoft Office 2007 and later Word (docx), PowerPoint (pptx,ppsx) and Excel (xlsx). This module is for all frameworks and environments. No need for any commandline tool - this module is doing everything inside it.
  • spindrift PDF manipulation in Node.js! Split, join, crop, read, extract, boil, mash, stick them in a stew.
  • Templ8 JavaScript Client/ Server Template Engine
  • tunic The stupid doc-block parser.