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    • Browserify plugin to (attempt) to support the java Rhino / Nashorn engines

      published 0.3.3 3 years ago
    • Custom eslint rules for the webgl logic module

      published 1.11.0 2 years ago
    • Really simple package manager for your own private packages hosted on any git or svn server. No registry or server hosting required. Can be used in conjunction with bower/npm

      published 6.0.1 2 years ago
    • Wrapper for the node-java npm package that improves locating the JRE on the target machine and can support multiple prebuilt platform builds

      published 2.4.0 a year ago
    • Basic preprocessor for webpack; syntax similar to preprocessify

      published 0.2.2 5 years ago
    • Shareable eslint config used by inseinc mobile team

      published 0.1.0-snapshot.0 2 years ago
    • ESLint parser that allows for linting of experimental syntax transformed by Babel

      published 7.12.11-fixed.1 2 years ago