Adam Houck

    Packages 7

    • Metadata Library to faciliate working generically with data (MongoDB, ODM)

      published 0.6.255 3 days ago
    • tyranid.js plugin for gracl

      published 0.5.19 2 years ago
    • Generate type definition files from tyranid schemas

      published 0.6.14 8 months ago
    • GraphQL plugin for tyranid

      published 0.5.25 a year ago
    • Open API spec and express app generator for tyranid

      published 0.5.20 a year ago
    • `tyranid-sanitize` is a tool for obfuscating text fields on documents in your tyranid collections using simple schema annotations.

      published 0.5.11 2 years ago
    • Tyranid metadata-driven UI library based on TYRanid, REAct, and ANT

      published 0.0.323 3 days ago