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132 packages found for "expansive"

  • brace-expansionjuliangruber

    Brace expansion as known from sh/bash

  • micromatchjonschlinkert

    Glob matching for javascript/node.js. A drop-in replacement and faster alternative to minimatch and multimatch.

  • expand-tildedoowb

    Bash-like tilde expansion for node.js. Expands a leading tilde in a file path to the user home directory, or `~+` to the cwd.

  • expand-rangejonschlinkert

    Fast, bash-like range expansion. Expand a range of numbers or letters, uppercase or lowercase. Used by [micromatch].

  • fill-rangejonschlinkert

    Fill in a range of numbers or letters, optionally passing an increment or `step` to use, or create a regex-compatible range with `options.toRegex`

  • bracesjonschlinkert

    Bash-like brace expansion, implemented in JavaScript. Safer than other brace expansion libs, with complete support for the Bash 4.3 braces specification, without sacrificing speed.

  • parse-globjonschlinkert

    Parse a glob pattern into an object of tokens.

  • resolve-dirphated

    Resolve a directory that is either local, global or in the user's home directory.

  • untildifysindresorhus

    Convert a tilde path to an absolute path: ~/dev => /Users/sindresorhus/dev

  • nanomatchjonschlinkert

    Fast, minimal glob matcher for node.js. Similar to micromatch, minimatch and multimatch, but complete Bash 4.3 wildcard support only (no support for exglobs, posix brackets or braces)


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