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Private packages and team management tools that allow you to bring the best of open source JavaScript development to your projects.
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npm Orgs offers collaboration and control, giving your developers the power to work on internal projects and easily share code without publishing it to the public registry. npm Orgs works the same way as the npm workflow you already know, allowing your team to start collaborating right away.

your team

Use Orgs to manage permissions for multiple team members all at once. Simplify package management with security groups and one-click configuration.

Use the same npm workflow, established and perfected in the open source ecosystem, to share code without difficulty. Enjoy feature parity with the public registry tools you already love to use.


Get the public registry's distribution and collaboration benefits for the code that your team writes. Control who else can work with your code with powerful role-based access controls.

Seamlessly mix open source and private packages into your projects. Publish and use unlimited packages while keeping your projects away from the public eye.

Move fast and
build things

Use the work of one developer to help the whole team. With Orgs, it's easier to incorporate work than to repeat it.

Adding new team members fosters code sharing and increases your team’s potential. Create as many teams as you want and define roles to meet your needs.

npm Orgs
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$7 per user / month

Enterprise Grade JavaScript

Get all the benefits of npm Orgs while maintaining best practices, security, and compliance. Get started with your own private mirror of the npm registry.

Free for open source teams

At npm, we care deeply about our open source roots. That's why we offer the Orgs namespace for free to open source teams.