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    A JS wrapper for Adobe's extension signer - ZXPSignCmd

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    zxp-sign-cmd provides a simple interface for Adobe's extension signer. zxp-sign-cmd takes care of starting the requires processes, handling errors, and building the output directory if required.


        npm i zxp-sign-cmd -D


    const zxpSignCmd = require('zxp-sign-cmd');

    There are functions for all 3 operations: sign, selfSignedCert, and verify. Each function takes an options object as its first parameter. See the property tables for the appropriate function below. zxp-sign-cmd's latest API uses promises and async functions. If you require a callback-style implementation, please revert to the legacy v1.x.x API. The result will be a string and will contain the stdout provided by ZXPSignCmd (if the task succeeds). In the event that the task fails, an error is thrown. If you would like to use the await-style implementation, it is recommended to wrap a try/catch and handle errors that way. However, the API does support .then( ) and .catch( ) configurations.



    Property Required Datatype Purpose
    input yes String The directory that will be compiled into the packaged zxp file
    output yes String The path and filename that the zxp will be exported to
    cert yes String The path and filename of the .p12 certificate that will be used to sign the extension
    password yes String The password associated with the certificate
    timestamp no String URL for a timestamp server


    const signResult = await zxpSignCmd.sign(options);



    Property Required Datatype Purpose
    country yes String The country associated with the certificate
    province yes String The state or province associated with the certificate
    org yes String The organization associated with the certificate
    name yes String The commonName for the certificate
    password yes String The password for the certificate
    output yes String The path that the certificate will be exported to
    locality no String The locality for the certificate
    orgUnit no String Name of the organizational unit
    email no String An email associated with the certificate
    validityDays no Number The number of days the certificate is valid


    const certResult = await zxpSignCmd.selfSignedCert(options);



    Property Required Datatype Purpose
    input yes String The path to the zxp file that will be validated
    info no Boolean Allows the result to return a more verbose output of the validation
    skipChecks no Boolean The validation will skip onlin revocation checks
    addCerts no String Additional certificates to validate against


    const verifyResult = await zxpSignCmd.verify(options);


    • Code coverage is low because the ZXPSignCmd cannot run in the Travis-CI environment. I imagine this is due to an OS compatiblity issue. If you would like to run see more complete code coverage, pull the repo and execute "npm run test".

    • As of v2.0.0, zxp-sign-cmd uses the latest version as defined by the zxp-provider API.


    npm i zxp-sign-cmd

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