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node-zutil is a small library specific to Sun Solaris (and derived OS's like illumos) that provides a wrapper over some APIs in zone.h and libzonecfg.h.

The libzonecfg API is in fact rather overwhelming, and for now I only needed the ability to read attributes, so that's all that's in here. Over time I expect that list will grow.

The wrappers over zone.h are pretty much all the publicly supported ones plus zone_list (which brings us to a whopping total of 4 APIs).


var zutil = require('zutil');

var myZone = zutil.getZone();
var someOtherZone = zutil.getZoneByName('foo');
var yetAnotherZone = zutil.getZoneById(20);
var state = zutil.getZoneState('foo');
var allZones = zutil.listZones();

zutil.getZoneAttributes(, function(error, attrs) {
  for (var i = 0; i < attrs.length; i++) {
    console.log('NAME: ' + attrs[i].name);
console.log('TYPE: ' + attrs[i].type);
console.log('VALUE: ' + attrs[i].value);
zutil.getZoneAttribute(, 'bar', function(error, attr) {
  console.log('NAME: ' +;
  console.log('TYPE: ' + attr.type);
  console.log('VALUE: ' + attr.value);

There you go. That's the whole API for now.


npm install zutil

(You can also install it by doing node-waf configure build and then linking or copying the folder into your project's node_modules directory.)