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zoom in on elements


Zoom in on an image using double click or double tap.

Install with component(1):

$ component install component/zoom
var zoom = require('zoom');
zoom(el, container)
  • zoom in: called after the element is zoomed in.
  • zoom out: called after the element is zoomed out.

Initialize Zoom.

Set the duration of the zoom. Defaults to 300. Supports guille/ms.js.

zoom.duration('1s') // 1 second 
zoom.duration(300) // 300ms 

Set the scale of the zoom. Defaults to 3

Set the effect of the zoom. See the aliases of component/ease for the available effects.


Programmatically zoom in on an element. x and y will be the origin of the zoom., 200)

Programmatically zoom out of an element.