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Flow control? Why not zoidberg?

Module status: Work in progress

First of all, fuck yea, this module name wasn't taken, (/)(;,,;)(/) whoop whoop whoop.

What zoidberg makes special is that is everything is run inside a domain. This ensures that the callback is ALWAYS called even when the iterators throw a function. No more worries, fucking awesome yo.

Also, a flow control library is something you should have build once in your Node.js career.


var zoidberg = require('zoidberg');
// iterate over an array 
zoidberg.forEach(arrayish, function forEach(item, callback) {
  callback(new Error('Foo Bar'));
}, function done(err) {
  // Error... 
function done(err) {
  console.log(err.message); // Operation timed out 
// if the callback is not fired in x then it will return with an error 
done.timeout = 987429;
// iterate over an array with timeout 
zoidberg.forEach(arrayish, function forEach(item, callback) {
  callback(new Error('Foo Bar'));
}, done);