a streaming zip archive generator.

zip-stream v0.8.0

zip-stream is a streaming zip archive generator based on the ZipArchiveOutputStream prototype found in the compress-commons project.

It was originally created to be a successor to zipstream.

npm install zip-stream --save

You can also use npm install to test upcoming versions.

This module is meant to be wrapped internally by other modules and therefore lacks any queue management. This means you have to wait until the previous entry has been fully consumed to add another. Nested callbacks should be used to add multiple entries. There are modules like async that ease the so called "callback hell".

If you want a module that handles entry queueing and much more, you should check out archiver which uses this module internally.

var packer = require('zip-stream');
var archive = new packer(); // OR new packer(options) 
archive.on('error', function(err) {
  throw err;
// pipe archive where you want it (ie fs, http, etc) 
// listen to the destination's end, close, or finish event 
archive.entry('string contents', { name: 'string.txt' }, function(errentry) {
  if (err) throw err;
  archive.entry(null, { name: 'directory/' }, function(errentry) {
    if (err) throw err;

Returns the current number of bytes written to this stream.

Appends an input source (text string, buffer, or stream) to the instance. When the instance has received, processed, and emitted the input, the callback is fired.

Finalizes the instance. You should listen to the destination stream's end/close/finish event to know when all output has been safely consumed. (finalize is aliased for back-compat)

Sets the zip comment.

If true, all entry contents will be archived without compression by default.

Passed to node's zlib module to control compression. Options may vary by node version.

Entry Data

Sets the entry name including internal path.

Sets the entry type. Defaults to file or directory if name ends with trailing slash.

Sets the entry date. This can be any valid date string or instance. Defaults to current time in locale.

If true, entry contents will be archived without compression.

Sets the entry comment.

Sets the entry permissions.

Concept inspired by Antoine van Wel's zipstream module, which is no longer being updated.