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A replacement for ndarray.zeros (which was removed in ndarray 1.0.0)


var zeros = require("zeros")
//Creates a 64x64 ndarray over a float64array filled with 0 
var x = zeros([64, 64])

It also accepts an optional dtype as specified in the ndarray docs. For example,

//Creates a 64x64 ndarray over a float32array filled with 0 
var x = zeros([64, 64], 'float32')

This makes it easy to create an array with the same size and dtype as an existing array:

var x = zeros([64, 64], 'float32')
var y = zeros( x.shape, x.dtype )

If you find yourself frequently creating the same array over and over though, ndarray-scratch may be a better option.


Just use npm:

npm install zeros

require("zeros")(shape[, dtype])

Creates an ndarray with the given shape that is initialized to zero

  • shape is the shape of the resulting array
  • dtype is the data type of the array to allocate. Must be one of:
    • "array"
    • "uint8"
    • "uint16"
    • "uint32"
    • "int8"
    • "int16"
    • "int32"
    • "float"
    • "float32"
    • "double"
    • "float64"
    • "data"
    • "uint8_clamped"
    • "buffer"

Returns An array which is initialized to 0


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License