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Zephyr Api

A simpified wrapper for making common zephyr for jira cloud api calls. This package uses native promises so all calls are thenable.


npm install zephyr_api

Auth: Save credential variable as gloabl var to be used by the module:

global.__ZAPIcreds = [process.env.ZAPI_ACCESS_KEY, process.env.ZAPI_SECRET_KEY, process.env.ASSIGNEE];

Require the module:

const ZAPI = require('zephyr_api');

Then use the available funtions :

Get a cycleId from a cyleName

ZAPI.getCycleIdFromCycleName(jiraProjectId: '156478', jiraProjectVersion: '45678', cycleName: 'myTestCycle');

Get a list of all cycles

ZAPI.getAllCycles(jiraProjectId: '45678', jiraProjectVersion: '45675');

Perform a zephyr test search

Pass in the query as a string. ZQL ref

let string = 'project=14598 AND issuetype=Test AND labels=RegressionTests';
ZAPI.zqlSearch(query: string);

Create a new cycle

The cycleId parameteter is optional and allows you to copy cycle info from an existing cyle.

let bodyData = {
    'name': `Name of your test cycle`,
    'build': 'Latest Build',
    'environment': 'dev',
    'description': `Enter your cycle description here`,
    'startDate': Date.now(), // or w/e you want
    'endDate': Date.now() + 600000,  // or w/e you want
    'projectId': yourProjectId,
    'versionId': yourVersionId
ZAPI.createNewCycle(body: bodyData, cycleId: '5458678945264654643524685764654');

Create a new execution

ZAPI.createExecution(cycleId:'45676456456484688945465446' , projectId: '14578', versionId: '14578', issueId: '15623', testStatus: '0', assignee: 'username@email.com');

Get execution statuses

These are the pass / fail statuses


Get execution info

ZAPI.getExecutionInfo(issueId: '14578', projectId: '12345', cycleId: '123121245644456677', executionId: '545645465465489756487');

Get test steps for a given test

ZAPI.getTestSteps(issueId: '14578', testId: '12345', projectId: '12356');

Update a step result

ZAPI.stepResultUpdate(stepResultId: '1654612368546454', issueId: '12345', executionId: '45648676545263567456', status: '0');

Update a test step

ZAPI.testStepUpdate(testStep: 'User logs in', testData: 'User Credentials', expectedResult: 'User is able to log in', stepNum: '1', testId: '12345', projectId: '12356');

Delete all steps for a given test

Note: this does an api call for each step

ZAPI.deleteAllTestSteps(testId: '12345', projectId: '45678');

Get server info


Get license info


Get general info


Get a cycles issue ids

ZAPI.getCyclesIssueIds(cycleId: string, versionId: string, projectId: string);


A lot of the ids above have similar names. Here are some examples of where to find these ids.

jiraProjectId - You can get this from the Jira API , https://docs.atlassian.com/jira/REST/cloud/#api/2/project-getAllProjects For example a GET on https://company.atlassian.net/rest/api/2/project

jiraProjectVersion - Once you get the project Id from the above call you can append it to the same url to get the different versions: For example a get on https://company.atlassian.net/rest/api/2/project/14578

cycleId - User the provided funciton above to convert the name to an id or use the provided get all cylces and parse the results to grab the id.

issueId - You can get this from the Jira API , https://docs.atlassian.com/jira/REST/cloud/#api/2/issue For example a GET on https://company.atlassian.net/rest/api/2/issue/AOE-1234

executionId - From calling the getExecutionsStatuses above

stepResultId - From having the result of an execution id and getting that execution info

Prereq: node 6.10+

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