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A simple Zencoder client to manage Jobs with Node-style callbacks.

  • Easily extendable, understandable, and modifiable.
  • Monitors job progress with a single setInterval. (Very valuable with lots of other requests!)


npm install zencoder-client

Usage Example

  1. Create a ZencoderClient instance.

    zenClient = zencoder.createClient({
      key: 'YOUR_API_KEY'
  2. Using an S3 module like Knox, upload your to-be-encoded file.

    inputBucket.putFile(pathOnDisk, pathInS3, createZcJob)
  3. Create the Zencoder Job. (Remember that createZcJob is the callback from the previous step!)

    function createZcJob() {
        input: 's3://INPUT_BUCKET' + pathInS3
        outputs: [{
          url: 's3://OUTPUT_BUCKET' + pathInS3
      }, finalCallback)
  4. In finalCallback, rejoice! The job is complete!