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Express.js middleware for creating Yandex Zen RSS feed.



This is an Express.js middleware.

Via NPM:

npm install zen-feed


In your express application:

const zenFeed = require('zen-feed');

zenFeed.configure(config); // call this before using middleware

app.use('/path/to/feed.rss', (req, res, next) => zenFeed.feed(req, res, next));

config should be supplied before calling zenFeed.feed

Config format:

const config = {
    rssVersion: "2.0", 
    channelTitle: "My marvelous site", 
    siteLink: "http://mysite.site", 
    channelDescription: "This is awesome site!",
    channelLanguage: "ru",
    getFeedContent: function(){...}, // see getFeedContent() section
    useParser: false 

Config options

Option Type Description Required?
rssVersion String RSS version (use "2.0") Yes
channelTitle String Site name Yes
sitelink String Site URL Yes
channelDescription String Short site description No
channelLanguage String Feed language in ISO 639-1 format No
getFeedContent Function See getFeedContent() section Yes
useParser Boolean Option to use built-in parser to sanitize HTML-content. (See Sanitize section) Yes


In order for this middleware to actually work, you should provide async function getFeedContent. This function should return an array of publications to be included in feed. Every publication should be represented as Object. It should look like this:

const sampleItems = [
        title: "Test publication",
        link: "http://testsite.site/test",
        pdalink: "http://m.testsite.site/test",
        amplink: "http://testsite.site/amp/test",
        media_rating: "nonadult",
        pubDate: (new Date("July 20, 69 00:20:18 GMT+00:00")).getTime(),
        author: "Test author",
        category: [
        enclosure: [
        description: "Test description",
        content_encoded: `
            Test publication text
            We have cookies!
        title: "Another test publication",
        link: "http://testsite.site/another-test",

Item format

Field Type Description Required?
title String Publication title Yes
link String Publication URL on your site Yes
pdalink String Mobile version (URL) (if exists) No
amplink String AMP-version (URL) (if exists) No
media_rating String Media rating. Should take one of two values: "adult" or "nonadult No
pubDate Number Publication date in milliseconds since Unix Epoch. (Date.getTime()) Yes
author String Publication author Yes
category Array (of String) Categories of publication. Can only contain items from official documentation. No
enclosure Array (of Strings) Must contain URLs of all media objects (images, videos, etc...) used in publication text. Provide full URLs with file extension for correct MIME-type detection. Yes
description String (CDATA) Short publication description. No
content_encoded String (CDATA) Full publication text. Must be sanitized HTML (as seen in official documentation), otherwise you can use built-in parser. Yes


Sanitizing your content simply gets rid of all HTML-elements except for:

  • i
  • em
  • strong
  • a
  • img
  • video
  • figure
  • figcaption
  • media:content
  • media:description
  • media:copyright
  • span
  • strike

Be warned: it will cut out all iframe tags, usually used to embed Youtube/Vimeo/etc players. For Youtube's iframe will be transformed in simple a tag like this:

<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_video_Id">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_video_Id</a>


Jest.js used for testing. Tests can be found in /tests directory.

  • npm run test - basic test-run
  • npm run test-watch - Watch files for changes and rerun tests related to changed files. (jest --watch)
  • npm run test-coverage - Displays test coverage information (jest --coverage)
  • npm run test-verbose - Test run with verbose output (jest --verbose)


Pull requests are welcome.


© Ismail Valiev (Konrad Molitor), 2019. Distributed under the terms of MIT License.

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