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Zakeke Configurator for React

This library let you build a custom UI for the Zakeke 3D configurator tool.

How to install and run a basic example

git clone
npm install
npm run start

After running the example you will see a blank page running on localhost:3000 , that because Zakeke must have some parameters to know what product to load.

The parameters are automatically sent from the plugins with a postMessage but, for testing, we can pass them as query string in the URL.

The easiest way to have all the parameters is:

  1. Go in Zakeke configurator backoffice

  2. Add or edit a new product

  3. Go in the Shopping Preview page

  4. Right click on the page -> inspect element

  5. Find the zakeke <iframe> src attribute and copy all query string parameters

  6. Paste the parameters in the localhost page.

You should have something like:


With these parameter you should see the product loading in a basic UI interface.

You can start customizing it.


The library exposes 4 elements:

  • a ZakekeEnvironment class that contains the state of the current scene

  • a ZakekeProvider react component that should wrap your application

  • a ZakekeViewer react component that will render the 3D scene

  • a useZakeke effect to get the data and methods to execute

A basic Zakeke theme should be like:

const zakekeEnvironment = new ZakekeEnvironment();

<ZakekeProvider environment={zakekeEnvironment}>
		<ZakekeViewer />

Properties and methods

price: number;

culture: string;

currency: string;

isSceneLoading: boolean;

isAddToCartLoading: boolean;

isViewerReady: boolean;

fonts: FontFamily[];

groups: Group[];

templates: Template[];

currentTemplate: Template | null;

items: Item[];

productName: string;

productCode: string;

product: Product | null;

cameras: Camera[];

selectOption: (optionId: number) => void;

setTemplate: (templateId: number) => void;

isAreaVisible: (areaId: number) => boolean;

saveComposition: () => Promise;

loadComposition: (id: string) => Promise;

addToCart: (additionalProperties: Record<string, any>) => Promise;

getPDF: () => Promise;

getOnlineScreenshot: (width: number, height: number, backgroundColor?: string, padding?: number) => Promise;

setCamera: (id: string, onlyAngleOfView?: boolean, animate?: boolean) => void;

setCameraByName: (name: string, onlyAngleOfView?: boolean, animate?: boolean) => void;

setCameraZoomEnabled: (enabled: boolean) => void;

resetCameraPivot: () => void;

setCameraPivot: (meshId: string) => void;

getImages: (categoryId: number) => Promise<Image[]>;

getMacroCategories: () => Promise<ImageMacroCategory[]>;

previewOnly__setItemImageFromBase64: (guid: string, base64: string) => void;

setItemImageFromFile: (guid: string, file: File) => Promise;

addItemImage: (id: number, areaId: number) => Promise;

createImage: (file: File, progress?: (percentage: number) => void) => Promise;

createImageFromUrl: (url: string) => Promise;

setItemImage: (guid: string, imageId: number) => Promise;

setItemFontFamily: (guid: string, fontFamily: string) => void;

setItemColor: (guid: string, color: string) => void;

setItemBold: (guid: string, bold: boolean) => void;

setItemItalic: (guid: string, italic: boolean) => void;

setItemText: (guid: string, text: string) => void;

addItemText: (settings: { text: string, fontFamily: string }, areaId: number) => Promise;

removeItem: (guid: string) => Promise;

switchFullscreen: () => void;

isFullscreenMode: boolean;

zoomIn: () => void;

zoomOut: () => void;

updateView: (adjustCamera?: boolean) => void;

setHighlightSettings: (settings: { color: string, size: number }) => void;

hasExplodedMode: () => boolean;

isExplodedMode: boolean;

setExplodedMode: (exploded: boolean) => void;

// Scene manipulation

getMeshIDbyName: (name: string) => string | undefined | null,

hideMeshAndSaveState: (meshId: string) => void,

restoreMeshVisibility: (meshId: string) => void,

setMeshDesignVisibility: (meshId: string, visible: boolean) => void,

// Events

clearListeners: () => void;

addFocusAttributesListener: (listenerFunction: FocusAttributesEventListener) => void;

focusAttribute: (attributeId: number) => void;

// AR

getQrCodeArUrl: (device: 'iOS' | 'Android') => Promise;

getMobileArUrl: (useCacheWithDesign?: boolean) => Promise<string | null>;

openArMobile: (url: string) => void;

isSceneArEnabled: () => boolean;

IS_ANDROID: boolean;

IS_IOS: boolean;

setBackgroundColor: (color: string, alpha: number) => void;




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