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A minimal wrapper around request.js to facilitate fetching data from the Zabbix API.


The bug has been fixed but I have not had time to look at the code. This whole module obviously needs a lot of work but I am not currently involved with zabbix things where I work.

Currently there is a bug where the client will crash when Zabbix's database is down. This is because Zabbix returns a HTML page from the API instead of returning a proper JSONRPC API error response. I have created a ticket on the Zabbix ticket tracker, until it gets fixed I will implement a change that will detect if we get HTML or JSON before parsing it.

You can see the status of the ticket here:

A small client for the Zabbix API based around the excellent request.js library.

I hacked this together quick because I needed a way to pull data from Zabbix into node for a project.

As per the Zabbix API you MUST get the api version first, and then authenticate to do pretty much anything.

Look in the examples folder for how it's done :)

I can't promise I won't change how this works with regards to how the module is structured, but it will stay pretty much the same :)

Please let me know if I have done something in a stupid way, or you have suggestions or whatnot.

I am on IRC (Freenode) with the same nick as here, or just contact me here.

This is my first node.js module, and basically the first thing I've done in javascript too, so I bet there are mistakes and things to learn.

I will be adding more features and useful things as I go along, as well as make a full test suite with Mocha, I just need to learn it first.