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YUI 3 Powered REPL


A NodeJS REPL environment preloaded with a Y variable populated by a YUI sandbox.

npm install yui-repl

.import {url} Import this url into the REPL context and bind Y to the DOM.


.use {modules,to,use} Modules to load into to the Y context inside the REPL

    .use dd
    .use yql,io
    .use jsonp,io

.io {url} Make an IO request to the passed URL


.headers {url} Make an IO request to the passed URL and return the headers


.yql {sql} Make an YQL request with the passed SQL statement

    .yql select * from weather.forecast where location=90210
    .yql select * from

.debug Toggle the debug config on the YUI instance, outputs the new debug setting.


Here is a simple little screencast of it in action: View Video