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For making mobile apps.


The plan is to make a tutorial-style course for teaching JS/this lib.

For now, there's an API Reference.

Why "you-win"?

Because game-over was taken.


  1. Install Node.js, which includes NPM.

  2. Install you-win globally.

    $ npm install -g you-win

Getting Started

Open a terminal (Command Prompt on Windows, Terminal on macOS/Linux).

  • Use the cd command to move into the directory of your choice.

  • Start a new project, by typing:

    you-win first.js

This will create a new game from the you-win template, which should save you a bit of typing.

Open the first.js file you just created in your favourite text editor: for example Gedit (Ubuntu only), VSCode, Brackets, or Sublime Text. The template should look like this.

Back in your Terminal, you should see a web address output to the console, eg Open that address in a web browser, preferably Chromium or Google Chrome. (You can also open the same link on your phone.)