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Some utilities optimized for file size, composability and performance for node or browser. Mainly experimental so use at your own risk.


yarn add ynk


  // in node
  const {assert} = require('ynk')
  // in browser
  import {assert} from 'ynk'
  //async stuff
  //in node
  const {map} = require('ynk').async

Syncronous Utilities

  • assert - assertions for truthy values
  • exists - assertions for non undefined values
  • Cleanstack - clean your error stack by filtering out regex matches
  • Curry - curry N arity functions by specifying curry depth
  • Events - a bare bones event publish subscriber
  • get - lodash get
  • IncreasingId - alphanumeric sortable increasing strings padded by N places
  • set - special set copying lodash set api, which creates new objects along the path the data is set
  • Store - data store and subscribe to path changes
  • timeout - Basic timeout that returns the clear timeout function
  • topath - lodash toPath function, turns a string into an array of strings representing object path
  • touch - modify an object along a path and callback to last key
  • unset - delete a key on an object along a path, also mutate object along path
  • Dispatch - pass in store and reducer and returns a dispatch function

Async Utilities

  • doWhile - loop over async functions while a condition is true
  • filter - filter async functions
  • loop - loop an async function forever
  • map - map over async function
  • reduce - reduce async function
  • series - stream async data in order
  • Dispatch - an async dispatcher, passs in store and async reducers
  • timeout - race promise with a timeout value
  • sleep - async sleep for some ms

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