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Local package manager. A small tool to help manage your multi-repo work.

What is multi-repo? Why not mono repo?

Not mine article but I totally agree with it https://medium.com/@PepsRyuu/monorepos-in-javascript-anti-pattern-917603da59c8


For now ymultirepo works with pnpm package manager only.


  1. Projects that consume local modules should have ymultirepo installed to node_modules. So
  • npm i -g ymultirepo AND set NODE_PATH to global modules folder (recommended). You can use the following snippet to set NODE_PATH permanently on Windows:
npm config get prefix > node_path.txt
setx /m /p NODE_PATH= < node_path.txt
erase node_path.txt
  • OR
  • Just use npm i ymultirepo --saveDev in each consumer (not recommended, because this would force all contributors to install ymultirepo even when they don't use it)
  1. Use npm config to set local_packages_folder to the folder where you store your projects:

     npm config set local_packages_folder YOUR_PATH_TO_PROJECTS_FOLDER
  2. Add pnpminit.js to your project root with contents

    const {ymultirepoRemap, ymultirepoScan} = require('ymultirepo');
    ymultirepoScan(); // This line refreshes YOUR_PATH_TO_PROJECTS_FOLDER/local_packages_list.json
    module.exports = {
        hooks: {

    If you already using pnpmfile.js for some other needs, than just add a call to remapLocal(package, context) at the top of readPackage handler.

  3. Use YOUR_PATH_TO_PROJECTS_FOLDER/local_packages_list.json to fine tune which local packages you want/don't want to use for the moment.

Functions (Developer guide)

  • caseInsensitiveCompare(a, b) - case insensitive string comparision
  • getLocalPackagesPathsObj() - reads setting from npm config
  • writeFileSyncIfChanged(fileName, content, encoding = "utf-8") - writes file only if supplied content differs from existing content
  • getLocalPackagesList(localPackagesPaths = getLocalPackagesPathsObj()) - reads local_packages_list.json to object.
  • ymultirepoScan(localPackagesPaths = getLocalPackagesPathsObj()) - scans folders set by setup(1) and refreshes local_packages_list.json
  • getLocalPackages(localPackagesPaths = getLocalPackagesPathsObj()) - reads local_packages_list.json and makes effective set of local packages in packageName -> package form/
  • ymultirepoRemap(p, context, effectiveLocalPackages = getLocalPackages()) - a convinien function to use with pnpmfile.js
    • TODO Maybe package version should also be checked inside remapLocal.

TODOs and notes

  • TODO Maybe package version should also be checked inside remapLocal.
  • Note Setup.1 doesn't seem as a good solution to me. But I haven't found any other way. That would be great if all this gets implemented as a part of pnpm someday



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