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YmpleCommerceYmple E-Commerce

Version 0.1.1 (released 11.2016)

Version 0.2.0 will be released in 3.2017

Version 0.3.0 will be released in 9.2017


Open Source E-Commerce Solution for Everyone built with Sails.js (Node.js + MongoDB)

System Dependencies

  • Node.js v4.4.1
  • MongoDB v3.2.6
  • Sails.js v0.12

How To Run

  • With Node Package

    npm install ymple-commerce

    run a mongodb instance on port 27017

    run node app.js

  • With Github

    Clone the Git project

    For Ubuntu and Centos run: $ npm install bcrypt

    Go to the folder ymple-commerce and run : $ node app.js

    go to the url http://localhost:1338/admin/install



YmpleCommerce is an Open Source project.

If you want to contribute code to Ymple-Commerce, read the [][7] file in this repository or read the [tutorials about contribution][8] on the documentation site.

======== Code licensed under GPL v2 License.