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Chrome extension which acts as task runner


NodeJs app that kills the terminal and act as a task runner

  1. Install the Yez! module by running npm install -g yez or
    npm install -g
    If you have problems installing the module please check out the this thread.

  2. Run yez in your console

  3. Open Chrome browser and install the extension

  4. Open Chrome's DevTools and find the Yez! tab

(Have in mind that when you run the backend of Yez! the app is available at http://localhost:9172/)

To open Yez! just press Ctrl+Shift+I which openes the DevTools console. Just after that press Ctrl+] till you reach the needed tab.

  • Ctrl+l - clearing the command output panel
  • Ctrl+Enter - restarting the task
  • Ctrl+i - bring the focus to the input field
  • Ctrl+\ - opens a new terminal
  • Ctrl+c - stops the run tasks
npm test

Using the extension as terminal

Creating a simple task

List of all added tasks

Creating a task which runs the Yez! tests

The result after runnning the task

Creating a task which opens Twitter and checks the latest news about #nodejs

The result after runnning the task