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Find TERM-related places in CITY and render results as geojson or map.

conversion process

That is, you can search for places falling in some category ("chinese takeout") within some city ("Seattle") and render the geocoded location results in geojson format or as a map via


yelp2geo [--in CITY] [--map] TERM


yelp2geo tacos
yelp2geo --in Louisville brewpubs
yelp2geo --in Nashville "chinese takeout"
yelp2geo --in Milwaukee --map "bowling alleys"


You need to add your Yelp API key and whatnot in config.json.

Request API access here.

You can also specify your default city and search term of interest:

  "consumer_key": "YOUR_YELP_CONSUMER_KEY",
  "consumer_secret": "YOUR_YELP_CONSUMER_SECRET",
  "token": "YOUR_YELP_TOKEN",
  "token_secret": "YOUR_YELP_TOKEN_SECRET",
  "default": {
    "city": "Nashville",
    "term": "tacos"