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yelp-rest is a lightweight, easy to deploy REST wrapper for Yelp 2.0 API.


To run the server do the following:

  • Clone the repo
  • Create .env file in the same place as .env-example (root directory)
  • Put your environment variables in .env file, e.g. Yelp Mange API access stuff
  • Install major dependencies npm install --production
  • Fire npm start
  • Navigate your browser to http://localhost:3000/api/search?lat=40.75493&lng=-73.98878&restaurant=chineese. Don't forget to change port if you specified different than 3000 in your .env file


Repo destributed prebuilded so that you do not have to install everithing including devDepencencies to run the server. If your prefer to build everything by yourself and/or doing source editings:

Install all dependencies:

npm install

After installation of devDependencies you wil be abble to edit and build sources, check code style and run tests.

For rebuilding and restarting during development:

npm run watch

For production building:

npm run build

For testing:

npm test

For code style checking:

npm run lint

Sources distributed with .ide directory containing WebStorm settings to easily achive same development experience with other WebStrorm users.

For JSDoc generation:

npm run jsdoc

It generates jsdoc directory in the root of the project



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