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Yet Another Table Formatter, obviously. The point of this one is to handle column layout and fit into the current window size. It leaves the formatting completely up to you, except for the underlineHeaders option which you can't do anyway until you know how wide the columns become.

If the window isn't wide enough to display all columns, they'll be truncated and markers indicating this will be shown.


var table = require('yatf');

var headers = [ 'NAME', 'PROPERTY', 'VALUE', 'SOURCE' ];

var data = [
[ 'zones'.bold, 'compressratio', '1.06x', '-' ],
[ 'zones/01b2c898-945f-11e1-a523-af1afbe22822'.blue.bold, 'compressratio', '1.93x'.magenta, '-' ],
// ...
[ 'zones/b2535e73-0892-4183-9e02-0255c6dde661/data'.magenta.bold, 'compressratio', '1.34x'.magenta, '-' ],

table(headers, data, { underlineHeaders: true });