yet another syslog

Node Yet Another Syslog

Node module to work with system log syslog daemon on unix systems.

At the moment only the UDP transport is implemented

Have a pure node syslog module with no native extensions

var syslog = require('yasyslog');
//plain and simple, log on LOG_USER localhost 
var client= new syslog.Client();
client.info('this is an info level log entry');
// sample with some custom configuration 
var clientSeven = new syslog.Client({
  host: '',
  port: 5541,
  facility: syslog.FACILITIES.LOG_LOCAL7
clientSeven.emerg('this is an emergency');
//logging to an arbitrary severity 
clientSeven.rawLog(syslog.SEVERITIES.LOG_CRIT, 'critical condition');

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