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Package is in alpha - production use is not recomended for now

Yallery is Ymage based react gallery component focused on advenced automation, smooth layout adjustments and fast image rendering even in "wild" situations when you can't provide image diemnsions before fetching them.

✅ Advenced progressive JPEG recognition - image is rendered on first progressive scan avaiable - before onLoad.
✅ Sized, neat image placeholder
✅ Short props for styling
✅ Image copy protection
✅ All image formats are compatible - progressive JPEG is just recommended way


$ npm install yallery

Import module to yourcode.js:

import Yallery from 'yallery'


1. Wild or controlled image list

Yallery can operate in two modes (depending on information provided with image url's): controlled and wild. If images are static gallery like photography portfolio - you should provide aspect ratio of each image to make Yallery even more smooth in render and adjusting. If you don't provide this information, Yallery will work in wild mode adjusting the layout when images are downloaded.

Wild list

const images = ["apple.jpg", "orange.jpg", "grape.jpg" ... ]

Or with alt:

const images = [
	{img: "apple.jpg",  alt:"Image with apple"}, 
	{img: "orange.jpg", alt:"Image with orange"}, 
	{img: "grape.jpg",  alt:"Image with grape"}, 
	... ]

Controlled list

const images = [
	{img: "apple.jpg",  aspect:{w:3, h:2} }, 
	{img: "orange.jpg", aspect:{w:2, h:3} }, 
	{img: "grape.jpg",  aspect:{w:3, h:2} }, 
	... ]

2. Yallery

Yallery is ready to work with only images list provided, but what makes it unique is that you can create your custom layouts for specified viewport breakpoints - let's talk about this in next paragraph. Your Yallery is ready from built-in layout with:

<Yallery images={images} />

3. Layout

There are two basic layout types: columns and rows (grid layout is in development)

const custom = { layout:[
	{breakpoint: 0,    columns: 1},
	{breakpoint: 400,  columns: 2,           gap: 10 },
	{breakpoint: 800,  columns: [1.5, 1, 1], gap: 15 },
	{breakpoint: 1100, rows: 300,            gap: {x:10, y:15} },
	{breakpoint: 1600, columns: 5,           gap: 10}

<Yallery images={images} options={custom} />
Property CSS
columns Column layout can be a number of columns columns: 3 or array with columns width ratio columns: [1, 1.5, 1.3]
rows Row layout is described only with row height in pixels row: 300
gap Gaps in px between images, can be a number gap: 10 for both x and y or an object gap: {x: 10, y:15}
margin Margin around gallery in px - usefull to provide some space from left/right border. Same as gap, can be number for both x and y margin: 50 or object margin: {x:50, y:0}

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