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xyz simplifies the publishing of npm packages by replacing several manual steps with a single command:

$ xyz
Current version is 0.6.0. Press [enter] to publish example@0.6.1.▌

Several things will happen if one elects to continue:

node -e 'var o = require("./package.json"); o.version = "0.6.1"; require("fs").writeFileSync("./package.json", JSON.stringify(o, null, 2) + "\n");'
git add 'package.json'
git commit --message 'Version 0.6.1'
git tag --annotate 'v0.6.1' --message 'Version 0.6.1'
git push --atomic 'origin' 'refs/heads/master' 'refs/tags/v0.6.1'
npm publish # Only for non-private packages.

xyz accepts several optional arguments, described in the help text:

$ xyz --help


Installing xyz globally is okay, but it's good practice to add it as a dev dependency.


    "release": "xyz --repo --increment",
$ npm run release minor


XYZ = node_modules/.bin/xyz --repo
.PHONY: release-major release-minor release-patch
release-major release-minor release-patch:
    @$(XYZ) --increment $(@:release-%=%)
$ make release-minor